Saturday, October 2, 2010


its her birthday! 
i dont even remember her birthday. 
luckily, i've set before. 
sorry dear. 
anyway anyhow,love you so damn much. 
2nd october 2010. your 42th birthday. 
i wish you long live and happy always. 
also may Allah bless you.

dear mother:
i love you kuatkuat, ketatketat, sangatsangat.
even many people told you that you're old when you're 42, 
but for me you just like 24. 
sumpa ta tipu. haha.
they never lie when they said both of us look like sibling..
only this time i said this. 
no more repeatation k ibu?
haha.juz kidding. haha.
dont blame urself for being older.
you must thanks to Allah that make you older but strong enough to face the world and be with us together. 
be with us forever and ever. stay with us. live with us. 
we need ur attention and love mommy.haha. 

i dont have present for you rite now but it will be soon..
its just because my elaun still not bank in yet la mother.haha..
and along kene fair ngn semua orang. 
abah, angah and achik kan along lambat kasi. 
so,ur present too lah.haha..
juz wait k yunk~

to abah,
why abah tiru idea along nk beli handbag untuk ibu?
dah along nk beli ape?
abah!kasi idea cepat for me!

ni my mom yang terchenta:)

haha.ibu sorry sgt sebab letak pic ibu yang neh.
saje je.
sebab ase cam pic candid cambesh je.haha. 
sorry ye yang.ngee~

p/s: sorry ye yunk,td kejut tido. i have to.xdpt celebrate samesame,wish kt tepon pon jd lah kan.haha.sayang ibu!
also dedicated to : 
mustakim mohamed, 
ieda bain 
dan syed anas 
serta adik ipar aku anis.
hepi besday korang:)

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  1. tq cyg~
    wish bday to ur mum als0~
    kami bkogsi bday yg same.. wee~